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We are proud of the projects what we have done for our customers
Above all - talented people who love their profession is the basis of our team
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About us
SVIT IT company has been focusing on IT projects for over 10 years. We are proud of a great number of our clients and vendors who have been our partners for many years. Because we believe in long-term partnership with our customers as well as with our suppliers.
We advise, sell and implement innovative solutions in the fields of information security, data backup, and application performance management. We work with government organizations, banking industry, software companies, and agricultural holdings.
Our employees have a high level of competence and love their work.
In the era of digital transformation, with constant cyber threats, SVIT IT is ready to help you. We are ready to work on the project from the pilot to the production

Igor Kovalev
The founder
Creating a company, we saw it as a leader in delivering solutions and providing information security services to businesses, organizations, and institutions in Ukraine. By embodying such an ambitious plan, we embraced the principle of long-term and mutually beneficial partnership with our customers and reliable suppliers. Additionally, we were clearly aware that only a cohesive team of motivated and energetic professionals would be key to the success and development of our company
Mykola Khlaponin
The founder
Having experience from previous companies, we decided to build our company due to the following principles:
- honesty and decency in relations between founders, employees of the company, its clients and partners;
- high professionalism of employees who are capable of implementing innovative solutions;
- a systematic approach to the formation of a portfolio of information security solutions;
- "a professionally strong employee - a strong company - strong Ukraine".
And the most important - adhere to those principles, no matter how hard it could be
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